US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc.
We strive to make your bidding with us as easy and
pleasurable as possible. We hold auction
s each week here on
LIVE AUCTIONEERS. We are licensed, bonded and members of
National Auctioneers Association. With over 25 years
experience in the auction industry, a stable of fine Asset
Seizure specialists, many Governmental and Non Governmental
sources, we feel the best way to invest is with us. We always
combine shipping for items won in the same auction and hire a
professional UPS packing and shipping company for you. Due
to the nature of what we sell and for who we sell, we must
require all sales be final, with no refund or exchanges. We
have high resolution photos of each article we sell. Sometimes
due to time constraints they will be stock photo's but a good
representation of what the actual item looks like. If an item
has an appraisal or a preliminary report, it will state as such
in the title or body of the listing. These items are forwarded
to the winning bidder. All of these types of evaluations are
done by independent 3rd party Graduate Gemologists.
Appraisals / Reports should be used for verification of
gemstone and/or metal weight, size, and grade only, not
actual retail / resale value. Items should not be purchased
with the expectation to resell for appraisal price. Due
diligence is required. The reports are based upon retail
established prices in upscale markets such as Beverly Hills, New
York and Paris. - - 877-552-3746